Keep Your Slabs in Shape.

Protect your home from dangerous damage by restoring
concrete slabs to their original beauty.

Preserve Curb Appeal

Avoid Costly Slab Replacements

Eliminate Tripping Hazards

Underground erosion leaves concrete with no support. Causing...

  • Settling driveways & sidewalks
  • Limitless Liability
  • Huge Cracks that need replacement

If treated in time, your existing slabs can
be restored to their original beauty.

Before After

What We Do:

Defend homes with complete concrete care.

Lift & Level Concrete Surfaces

We raise slabs to their original placement by injecting super strong (and eco-friendly) foam.

Fill Undeground Voids

Prevent further water damage and errosion by filling the empty spaces under your concrete.

Apply Protective Coatings

Protect your concrete for years to come with industrial-grade coatings.

It's a helpless feeling when large gaps and tripping hazards form around your concrete!

At Lift and Restore, we focus on protecting homes at a fraction of what a slab replacement would cost and preventing injuries from choppy walkways and driveways.

Lee Baker

Owner, Lift and Restore

About Foam Injection Leveling

Safe, Cost Effective, & Minimally Invasive

Save Major

Foam-based leveling can be 75% less expensive than replacing a slab if sinking / settling goes untreated.


You can walk (and drive!) on your slabs about 2 hours after we’re finished.

Avoid Invasive

Mud jacking and slab  replacements mean lots of loud equipment and inconvenience.

Avoid a concrete worst-case scenario.

There are too many ways sunken concrete can cause chaos in your life.

You can eliminate all the dangers in just a few hours.

How We Level

Our 3-Step Process:



We start by drilling a hole the size of a dime into your slab.



Then we inject our foam underneath to fill voids and lift your slab.



Once your concrete is flush with surrounding slabs, we patch the original hole.
We can also add protective coatings to your garage and other concrete around your home to defend it from other forms of damage.

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Stop dealing with cracked and settling concrete the old fashioned and expensive way. This expanded foam also fills any voids beneath the slab and raises your concrete. When the components of this material are mixed, a reaction causes the material to expand and lift and level your sunken concrete.

Benefits to Using Polyurethane for Concrete Lifting

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The poly foams we use are environmentally friendly, consisting of 39-49% renewable and recycled materials. JAG Lifting Solutions’ polyurethane foam is a top-of-the-line material, designed specifically for different concrete applications.

Lift & can lift:

Polyurethane foam concrete leveling uses a foam material that is injected beneath the your concrete.

Have some questions?

We are custom designers and offer a wide variety of coatings. We can help design and build a coating to fit most budgets. Because of the different requirements of every project and the wide variety of concrete floor coatings, we offer free estimates and can provide you with an exact cost for the particular floor coating you desire at the time of the estimate.

Our concrete floor coating systems are specifically formulated to be strong and durable. This means that they are permanent. Once we apply our floor coatings, we are 100% sure they will adhere to the substrate. The life expectancy of our concrete floor coatings is the same as the substrate it is applied to.

Your concrete floor coating will last the life of the properly installed floor coating when following our cleaning and maintenance specifications. As with anything if it is not properly cared for and maintained it will not last as long as anticipated. We have a proprietary cleaner that will ease the cleaning of hard to remove stains from rubber tire marks to rust stains. It will enhance the beauty and maintain your warranty and extend the life of your topcoat.


It takes anywhere from 6-10 hours to complete a concrete floor coating project depending on its size. Projects 1,500 square feet or less can usually be completed in 1 day with larger projects taking 2 days. We strive to start and finish all projects in 1 day. We will not leave a project unfinished. The only delay we usually encounter is the rare occasion of rain.

NO, this is (1) of the advantages of a Polyurea/Polyspartic floor coating. Unlike epoxies, Polyureas are UV stable. In fact, our products have a lifetime guarantee not to fade.


Polyurea garage floor coating is the superior option for garages. Polyurea not only provides a radiant non-slip finish, but it also stands up to automotive fluids, grease, and other chemicals. For about the same amount of money as epoxy you can have a polyurea coating that will last significantly longer which means less upkeep and more convenience for your commercial property’s tenant or owner.

Epoxy coatings are typically used in industrial applications where chemicals need to be fled from a surface–such as a garage. Epoxy durability is well suited for these circumstances because will soak into the epoxy over time rather than just sitting on top of the surface–to form a long-lasting product.


We recommend waiting 4-6 hours before walking on a new concrete floor coating, 12 hours for medium weight objects such as boxes or light patio furniture, and 24 hours before anything heavy (i.e., heavy furniture, cars, tool boxes, etc.) is moved back onto the area that was coated.

Polyaspartic coatings were introduced in the early 1990s by one of the world’s leading chemical companies, Bayer Material Science. This new technology was first employed as a protective steel coating, offering corrosion prevention for bridges and other harsh environment applications. Eventually the material was modified for additional types of applications, including resinous floor concrete coatings.

One of the primary benefits to Polyaspartic coatings is the material’s versatility. Standard solid color industrial floor coatings, 100% Coverage Flake and Quartz flooring systems are commonplace with Polyaspartic coatings. Recently, new decorative concrete floor coating applications, such as dye and seal and metallic floor coating systems have been developed with both Polyaspartic and Epoxy coating technology.


Polyaspartic floor coatings may be applied with a squeegee or 18” long 3/8” nap roller. Common methods include the Dip and Roll Method as well as the Ribbon and Roll method.

There are a number of benefits to epoxy coating your garage floor.

These coating are designed to last nearly 20+ years, as opposed to asphalt-based oils that require repeated applications every few months. The surface also has superior slip resistance and, thanks to an ultraviolet protection element in the coating’s formula, it can resist damage from minor spills. In fact,with epoxy floor coatings, spills are simple and easy to clean up! Without a floor coating, spills and oil leaks will damage and ruin your cement.

-Big thanks to our friend Jared at Solid Custom Floor Coatings in Denver for this great info!

No matter what type of flooring you intend to use, it is important that the floor be well cleaned before laying down the epoxy. Make sure there are no old paints, waxes, or oils on your garage floors when you start this process. Use heavy duty cleaners and degreasers if needed to remove any stains or build up. Once you have prepped the surface with a degreaser, rinse it well before starting your prep work for removing any residue left by the cleaner. It may take several washes for ALL residues to be removed if not done in one step. Then dry thoroughly–our tip would be using small towels (not kitchen towels) to absorb water until all surface liquids are gone; this will help with the drying process.

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Get more out of your unfinished spaces.

Spend more time in your garage & basement with a protective coating that makes your whole house feel like home.